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            Atlantic Surveying, Inc.

            Complete Residential and Commercial Land Surveying Services

            About Us

            Members of our team have been providing comprehensive Land Surveying services in the Low Country since 1980. We provide our clients with expertise in all phases of Land Surveying, including subdivision planning and design, topographic surveys, boundary line adjustments, and immediate family transfer property splits. Our project experience includes work for Military facilities, State and County road projects, major industrial facilities, multiple phase subdivisions, and much more.

            Atlantic Surveying specializes in all phases of construction surveying providing pre-construction surveys and construction staking services for residential buildings, commercial projects, private and city streets and highway and utility projects. From electronic surveying and data collection in the field to computer aided drafting (CAD) in our office, we strive to achieve consistency and quality in a timely manner. By utilizing advanced survey equipment, combined with the skills, qualifications, and surveying expertise of each member of our team, Atlantic Surveying consistently provides the highest quality services to our clients.

            Working together since 1999 with over 38 years of combined experience in all types of surveys, our dedicated staff includes 2 Professional Land Surveyors licensed by the State of South Carolina supported by highly experienced office management and project co-ordination personnel who provide seamless "Field-to-Office" management of all the surveying services you need.


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            • GPS Mapping & Staking
            • Easements
            • Topographic Surveys
            • Tree Surveys
            • Major & Minor Subdivisions
            • Boundary Retracement Surveys
            • Boundary Line Adjustments
            • Floodplain Determinations
            • Flood Elevation Certificate
            • LOMA (FEMA Letter of Map Amendment)
            • Construction Staking
            • Land Divisions
            • Mortgage / Loan Cloasing Surveys
            • Expert Witness Testimony
            • Property Corner Location Recovery
            • Legal Descriptions
            • American Land Title Surveys (ALTA/ACSM)
            • Engineering Surveys
            • Wetland Surveys
            • Water & Sewer System Stakeout
            • Utility As-Built Surveys
            • Route Surveys
            • Regulatory Coastal Permitting Surveys
            • Engineered Flood Vent Installation (Manufacturer Certified)

            View Our Project Experience

            Our Team

            Richard Hoats
            Crew Chief / NSPS Certified Survey Technician

            Beginning his surveying career in 2002, Mr. Hoats worked initially as a rodman before advancing to become an instrument man. After a brief absence from the industry, Richard now has his CST Level 1 certification and is currently studying for his Certified Survey Technician Level 2 exam while making significant contributions on several large topographic surveys, subdivision plats, and construction stakeout projects.

            Amy Hoats
            Project Coordinator

            A graduate of Clemson University with a minor in Business Administration and Marketing, Ms. Hoats joined Atlantic Surveying with 5 years project management experience.

            As a licensed realtor and possessing extensive computer training and having completed several online FEMA-certifications, Ms. Hoats researches, prepares and schedules all incoming work, as well as compiling data and completion of all elevation certificates. Her attention to detail and ability to multi-task provides seamless start-to-finish project coordination.

            Amy volunteers at Charleston area animal shelters and helps with animal fostering.

            David Davis
            Senior Crew Chief / NSPS Certified Survey Technician

            A Charleston native who started his surveying career right out of High School, Mr. Davis possesses 16 years of outstanding experience working on many large projects, including the Cypress Garden Bridge, ECMD Facilty, Plumb Island, Pine Forest subdivision, Broadstone Apartments and the Gaillard Auditorium. Mr. Davis has also worked on Joint Base Charleston, Fort Bragg and FLETC Complex, Charleston.

            FEMA-trained and certified, David is currently studying for his Certified Survey Technician exam having completed over 500 elevation certificates in the past year alone.

            Josh Dilone
            Crew Member

            Josh Dilone lives in Goose Creek by way of Palm Beach FL. Graduated HS in 2006. In 2008-2011 he attended Johnson and Wales University and received a Bachelor in Arts Minor in Hospitality. Josh worked in the Hotel and Tourism field until 2014 when he began new career in land survey in South Florida.  Josh previously worked for Betsy Lindsay Inc and Velcon Group Inc. These companies both specialize in Residential and Commercial Boundaries, ALTA, As-Builts, Construction Stakeouts.  Josh also received his FL DOT certification while in Florida and is now working on his CST.  His project experience includes C44-Reservior in Indiantown FL, Village of the Commons Golf Community in Port St Lucie Fl.  Josh recently   moved to South Carolina to pursue his goals alongside his wife Megan and 2yr old daughter Elle Maree. We are happy to have him as part of our team.

            Covert B. Nelson
            Registered Land Surveyor

            A Registered Land Surveyor for the State of South Carolina, Mr. Nelson has over 30 years of extensive experience in roadway, drainage, piling layout, railway, utility, and marine piling layout. With advanced training and certifications in AutoCAD 9-14, Trimble Post Processed Surveying, Trimble Real Time Surveying, SMI Software, Dendrology, Solar Observation, National Flood Insurance Program, ATLA/ACSM Surveys, and HAZMAT.

            Mr. Nelson impressive breadth and depth of knowledge stems from many large projects, including MASSI Coal Terminal, Joint Force Charleston Admin facility, Veterans Cemetery in Fort Jackson, Wash Rack facility in Fort Bragg, and all construction layout supervision for many Walgreens, Cracker Barrels and Tri-County-area, multi-unit apartment complexes.

            Mr. Nelson is an active member of the SCSPLS, American Association for Geodic Surveying, and the National Society of Professional Surveyors.

            James Kelly Davis
            Registered Land Surveyor/Owner

            As the owner and operator of Atlantic Surveying, Inc. since 2006, Mr. Davis has supervised and completed over 2000 projects during the first year of business. These projects included a 500-acre boundary survey, a 40-acre marsh and tidal creek survey, pile layout and stakeout, subdivision platting, a 37-acre topographic Westvaco Corporation, FEMA LOMA and Flood Certifications, closing/mortgage surveys, topographic and boundary surveys, hydrographic surveys, and construction layout to name a few. Licensed in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, Mr. Davis’ project experience includes design for the Navy Nuclear Training Facility located at the Charleston Naval Weapons Station, the Fairfax Subdivision, the Festival Centre Shopping Center, analyzing the water system engineering for Charleston Air Force Base, and the design of Lincoln Boulevard and Bachelor Enlisted Quarters at Kings Bay Naval Base.

            Mr. Davis also designed, implemented, and managed the development of a horizontal and vertical control network for the United States Naval Base, Charleston, South Carolina; incorporating the use of the NAVSTAR global positioning system (GPS) to establish first-order, horizontal-control coordinates. Elevations of third-order precision were computed utilizing three-wire leveling techniques and a customized software program for the HP48 developed by Mr. Davis. His engineering design experience includes roadway and drainage systems, potable water facilities, and sanitary sewer facilities.

            A Citadel graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, Mr. Davis is an active member of SCSPLS, American Association for Geodic Surveying, and the National Society of Professional Surveyors, Florida Surveying and Mapping Society, and Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia.

            Sonya deTournillon
            Managing Director

            A graduate from the University of Maryland (MC) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, and certified in AutoCAD Basic Drawing Techniques from Trident Technical College, Ms. deTournillon possesses several certifications from FEMA and the Nation Flood Insurance Program, and is currently studying for her Project Management Professional exam.

            Leveraging 27 years experience in management and marketing, with professional expertise in business development, planning and executing business strategies, Ms. deTournillon is also a master in developing new market channels and building strong relationships with construction managers, customers and industry leaders.

            Sonya is a member of Charleston Home Builders Association Sales and Marketing, South Carolina Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, Promotion and Marketing Association and AAGS.

            William Angel
            Crew Manager

            Possessing over 18 years of profound experience in land surveying, William “Billy” Angel is experienced in drafting field-to-finish surveys for residential and commercial developments, as-builts, ALTA/ACSM, topographic surface development for earthwork and layout design, collection and reduction of field data.

            With extensive experience in deed and flood research, Billy directs multiple survey crews in day-to-day tasks ensuring operational efficiency and effectiveness. With a deep understanding of ESRI standards with reference to multiple Geographic and State Plane coordinate systems, Mr. Angel is also certified in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

            Trained in the use of Trimble TerraSync, GPS Pathfinder, as well as other GIS software, Mr. Angel is also SafeLandUSA safety certificed and is an active member of the Geographic and Land Information Society.

            Shane Goodwin
            Crew Member / NSPS Certified Survey Technician

            A graduate from West Ashley High School, with an Associates degree from Trident Technical College. He came to us in training and has quickly advanced. Shane is studying for his Level 1 CST exam and hopes to take the test later this summer. He is currently working on several large topographic surveys, dock surveys and construction layout projects.

            Chris Hethington
            Crew Member

            Chris Hethington is here with us this summer as an intern. He graduated from West Ashley High School with honors. He was accepted into and will be attending The Trident Technical College for Civil Engineering and Surveying in the fall. Chris hopes to gain a solid foundation with surveying while also working with Adrian William, PE with Atlantic South Consulting this summer. We are looking forward to helping him along in his journey.

            Cortney Cain
            Admin and Asistant Researcher

            Courtney is a graduate from Wilson High School, Wilson, NY with honors and many awards in mathematics and accounting. Courtney has 3 years of construction office experience and has previously worked for a custom home builder. She comes to us with broad experience as a bookkeeper and customer service representative. Courtney is currently working on her online FEMA certifications and assists with online research for seamless office to field data files. She is actively involved with animal rescues and has just had her first child. We are excited to have Courtney on our team.

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            Contact Us

            Atlantic Surveying, Inc.
            1058 Gardner Rd
            Charleston, SC 29407
            Phone: 843-763-6669
            Fax: 843-766-7411

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